Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Opposition take up ‘bed shortage’ case

New St Bernard’s Hospital - GSLP/Libs Opposition says it has once again been approached by a member of the public and asked by them to highlight yet another case of a shortage of beds at the Europort hospital.

Charles Reyes has an elderly father who is a resident of the Jewish Home and who is awaiting a move to Mount Alvernia.

His father had already suffered three strokes in the past,” said an Opposition spokesman. He said that on Monday the doctor was called to the Jewish Home following a deterioration in his condition which was diagnosed as a stroke. He is said to have been referred to the hospital, on the basis that he could no longer be properly looked after at the home.

Mr Reyes arrived at the Europort hospital before the ambulance at 9.00pm. Mr Reyes was first told that it was preferable not to admit his father as he could contract an infection in the hospital. An hour later, at about 10pm, he was told that the doctor at Accidents and Emergency wanted to speak to him.

The doctor told Mr Reyes that if it were up to him he would admit his father but the administration had said that his father could not stay because there were no beds. Mr Reyes then had a lengthy argument with the administration in order to persuade them to admit his father into the hospital. He maintained that his father needed medical treatment and he was not moving one inch.

The Opposition says that after a further two hour wait, at about midnight, Mr Reyes father was finally admitted to a private room in the Accidents and Emergency department itself.

Mr Reyes is understood to have already made an official complaint to the hospital administration.

The Opposition says it considers that the case of Mr Reyes raises a number of serious issues.

Medical staff should take medical decisions based on the medical needs of their patients, and not on administrative constraints which are imposed upon them by the administration. Moreover, it is a disgrace that the shortage of beds should continue to plague the Europort hospital so soon after it has opened.


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