Friday, March 04, 2005

Opposition hit back over Hospital “teething problems”

Health Row

GSLP/Libs has accused the Gibraltar Government of using the phrase “teething problems” as an excuse to pre-empt any valid criticisms about the new St Bernard’s Hospital in Europort.

Spokeswoman for Health Mari Montegriffo:

It has been brought to our attention, both by relatives and patients that quite a number of patients have already fallen on to the floor due to the slippery cover of the waiting-room chairs in the wards of St Bernard’s Hospital at Europort. This is an extremely dangerous situation and complaints have been made to the staff so that they pass on the information to the Administration. The answer given has been that these waiting-room chairs will be replaced by new ones, but up to date, nothing has yet been done to replace them.

Again, this is an example of the problems that are emerging in the new hospital, which cannot be regarded as “teething problems”, a phrase the Government have been very keen in giving publicity to so as to try and pre-empt any valid criticisms of the new hospital.

We therefore urge the Minister for Health, Mr Ernest Britto, whose very large and luxurious office is in the same building in Europort, to come down a few floors, to sample the chairs himself, before a serious injury is incurred by a patient. In so doing, he might move far quicker than what he is used to, whenever a serious matter is brought to his attention.


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