Thursday, March 10, 2005

Opposition denounce sewage contamination in new hospital

“Burst pipe” reports

GSLP/Libs has said it is seriously concerned at reports that a Europort Hospital pipe carrying sewage had burst yesterday and caused contamination in Toomey Ward.

In a statement Opposition spokeswoman for Health Mari Montegriffo said this was “an extremely dangerous situation,” especially as it has allegedly happened in a surgical ward, where, she said, “patients are particularly vulnerable to post-operative infections.” Ms Montegriffo said:

“Clearly, this is not a question of snagging or teething problems. A similar incident happened a few weeks ago in another area. There is something wrong in the way the plumbing in the building has been put in, as a result of the alterations that have been carried out. This is something that should have been checked and tested before the building was accepted from the contractor.

It also raises the question at which point the certificate of fitness was issued, if indeed it is the case it has already been issued.

The degree to which this matter is going to be covered by the media is apparently constrained by the difficulties they have in getting clearance from the Government to enter the building, in order to be able to show the general public the effects of such an incident. It seems the Government was quite happy to have guided tours of the building before it came into use, but is less keen to show the public the state of the ward when it is inundated with contaminated water from a burst pipe.”


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