Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Opposition attack Government “nonsense” over new hospital

Europort convention row • Error of judgment, says Montegriffo

GSLP/Libs has declared that just as they predicted, their warnings that the conversion of the new hospital at Europort was bound to produce all sorts of problems “have been vindicated” just a few weeks after its official opening.

In a statement issued yesterday they say it is “nonsense” for Government to refer to these problems as minor and part of the usual snagging period. Opposition spokeswoman Mari Montegriffo said:

“What they are now trying to do is to patch up the enormous error of judgement on their part for having taken the decision to house a hospital in a building which was purposely built as offices and not as a hospital.

We totally reject the accusations made by Minister for Health Ernest Britto, with reference to our valid criticisms regarding the problems within the Hospital at Europort. In fact, all that Mr Britto has said is to admit that all of the problems identified within the Hospital, were actually true.

It is obvious that the workmanship, resulting from the conversion of office blocks into a hospital, has been the cause of these problems, since the Government confirmed that the water ingress is, “as a consequence of some poor workmanship, faulty seals, joints, etc” and they then they go on to list all of the problems and areas affected. Consequently, they cannot be attributable to the original building.

As regards the services which have already been highlighted as lacking in the Europort buildings, it is laughable for the Government to say, that already there is more parking “near the hospital” than the old site. The truth is that Government have been forced to pay a considerable amount of money to the Developers of Europlaza for car parking spaces, because they have failed to provide them in the refurbishment of the Europort Hospital. Moreover, they have now confirmed that visitors will need to wait for a year before they are available.

Additionally, the problems being faced today by the users of our Health Services are made worse by the fact that in most areas of the Hospital, not only all sorts of problems exist, but resources are also lacking within a number of departments, and these have nothing to do with the structure of the building.”


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