Monday, March 21, 2005

Opposition attack Government “lack of planning” at St Bernard's

Parking row at new hospital

GSLP/Libs has rejected what it terms as “the excuse offered by the Government that the problems being experienced by Europort hospital users are mere teething problems.”

In a statement the Opposition accuse the Gibraltar Government of lack of planning and point to a shortage of parking spaces in the area that is affecting members of the public.

Meanwhile they also encourage persons who may have experienced any problems at the new hospital to come forward and say so.

“In this way people will be able to draw their own conclusions as to what is going on.”

An Opposition spokesman said:

“The continuing complaints by members of the public point to a distinct lack of planning on the part of the Government. Given that the public are paying £55 million for the Europort hospital, people have a right to know what is going on so that they can make a judgment on the competence or otherwise of this Government.”
“We will continue to raise the complaints made by hospital users, with their consent, so that the policies of this Government can be judged. Further complaints were received regarding the lack of adequate parking facilities in the area of the new hospital. It is no good for Government to say that they have purchased parking spaces in a nearby housing development, the
fact is that people need parking spaces there now
that the Europort hospital is open.”

“This has been compounded by the attitude of private companies with car parking spaces in the vicinity of the hospital. We have been informed of the case of a woman who was rushing to visit her mother in hospital. Having found nowhere to park, she decided to park in the car park of a well-known fast food business in the area where there were plenty of available spaces at the time. On returning to her vehicle she found that it was clamped and had to pay a fine of £50 to have the car released.”

“This incident runs deeper than simply the attitude of businesses in the area of the Europort hospital. If Government had provided adequate parking facilities then this incident would never have happened.”


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