Friday, March 11, 2005

One set of Tax Rules for all says TGWU

Reply to Chamber statement

TGWU/ACTS has declared that the payment of income tax should not be a two-tier system as suggested by the Chamber of Commerce (i.e.) a rigid one for working people and a lax one for companies. The Union remark came in response to the Chamber of Commerce meeting held on Tuesday night. Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said:

"Working people have their Income Tax deducted on a weekly or monthly basis without any concessions given. Companies are given more time to pay their taxes, and in many cases they do not, and accumulate arrears in the payment of their dues.

Now the Chamber of Commerce is complaining that the Income Tax office has adopted "an aggressive approach" in recovering Income Tax not paid."

"The TGWU/ACTS considers this totally unacceptable as there must only be one set of rules. If all working people have to pay their taxes without any options available the same must apply to company taxation. The same must be applicable to the Social Insurance payments. As regards the Postal Services, we welcome the comments made by the Chamber of Commerce that it is running reasonably well. This is a boost for our members in the Post Office."

The Union has also welcomed the Chamber's position on the MoD contractorisation policies.


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