Friday, March 18, 2005

NAO Study shows MoD Staff unhappy with housing

One of the areas of MoD estate work first put into private hands - the maintenance of buildings – has been shown to have been dissatisfied.

That is the view of MoD employees themselves following a National Audit Office report on the quality of housing services to service families overseas.

Gibraltar’s standards in recent years rate well below those in Cyprus and Germany.

The report, which also expresses dissatisfaction at the ways housing is allocated to the services on the Rock states:

“There have been particular problems with the repair service in Gibraltar. In recent years important contractors have gone into administration or had their contracts terminated.

Many routine jobs have not been carried out within the required timescales, but have been left, and as a result there is now a significant backlog of such repairs.”

The report states that the new programme of refurbishment and new building began in 1999-2000 and MoD plans to spend £5 million up to March 2009 to improve existing properties. But a survey showed that Gibraltar lags behind Cyprus and Germany on the satisfaction with housing provision to MoD staff. Gibraltar was 59% compared to both at 70% on value for money, on repairs at maintenance it was at 34% compared to Germany at 68%.

The report also says that MoD must introduce greater consistency and professionalism into its delivery of housing services.


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