Thursday, March 03, 2005

MoD dispute - Opposition gives “unconditional support” to unions

The GSLP/Libs has said it welcomes the clear statement from the unions that their objective is to stop the new MoD contractor coming in.

In a statement issued yesterday the Opposition expressed its unconditional support to the MoD workers and their Unions “in whatever way their Unions ask us to give effect to this support.” An Opposition spokesman said:

We wish to express solidarity with the MoD workers and their Unions in the protest action implemented on Tuesday on the arrival of a UK team which is in our country to pave the way for the preparation of the contracting out of MoD jobs.

Once again, as was the case with the parity battle, and the closure of the naval dockyard, the MoD workers are in the front line, not just to defend their own jobs and their standard of living, but to maintain a sector of the economy that has provided secure employment for a significant proportion of our people. Once again the whole of Gibraltar must rally to their cause. What is under threat is the standard of living we achieved with the fight for parity and which is continuously being eroded in the private sector of the economy.

The Opposition is committed to give its unconditional support to the MoD workforce. This is a fight that we can win and we will win. The team that is here are wasting their time and UK taxpayer’s money. If we are determined to prevent the introduction of a contractor to take over from the MoD, we will ensure that there is no contractor in place at the end of 2005.


Meanwhile Prospect have once again reiterated that they speak on behalf of all the Unions involved in the MoD dispute (Prospect, TGWU/ACTS and Gibraltar Trades Council) in welcoming the support shown by the Gibraltar Government and all other political parties to their campaign against contractorisation.


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