Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mayor of Algeciras in shock resignation

Socialist Mayor of Algeciras Juan Antonio Palacios resigned his post yesterday in a sudden decision that has sent shockwaves in Campo political circles.

Sr Palacios a leading PSOE figure in the Cadiz province declared his reasons for the move were personal, but refused to disclose any further details.

This is the first time a mayor resigns in Algeciras in such circumstances.

The Ayuntamiento now has a period of ten days to accept the resignation in which case he will be succeeded by the current deputy Tomas Herrera, who was the second most voted candidate in the PSOE list at the last municipal elections.

According to political observers in the Campo, the unexpected decision culminates a period of serious financial difficulties faced by the local authority which has been unable to meet several commitments such as ‘rescuing’ the local football club Algeciras FC from an economic crisis, and meet other payments to the fair organisers.


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