Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Major Power Cut hits Rock

Gibraltar experienced a major power cut on Sunday with various areas including the South District, city centre and airport being affected for nearly two hours.

A spokesman for the Gibraltar Electricity Authority said:

“At approximately 18.21 hours on Sunday March 6th 2005, the two interconnector cables linking Waterport Power Station and Orange Bastion Distribution Centre tripped due to the activation of a protection system.

This caused Waterport Power Station to become isolated from the grid which in turn overloaded OESCO power station and caused it to shut down. Only the eight districts fed directly from Waterport Power Station remained on supply. Approximately 50% of our consumers were left without power. Power was gradually restored to the affected districts and this was completed at 20.13 hours. Investigations are on-going as to the causes that led to the activation of the protection system. The Authority regrets any inconvenience to its consumers.”


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