Friday, March 11, 2005

Governor back, Chief Minister says farewell to the Blunts

David Blunt, left Gibraltar today with his wife Geirid and son Freddie.

Mr Blunt has been Deputy Governor since 2001 and will shortly take up his new assignment as Head of Post in Pristina, Kosovo.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana, and Mrs Caruana, hosted an informal get together of his staff at No. 6 Convent Place to say farewell to the outgoing Deputy Governor Mr David Blunt and Mrs Geirid Blunt. The Chief Minister presented Mr Blunt with an inscribed memento to mark their stay in Gibraltar.

Mr Blunt is succeeded by Philip Barton who until recently was the Deputy High Commissioner at the British High Commission in Cyprus. Mr Barton is accompanied by his wife Amanda and their two young children.

Governor, Sir Francis Richards, has now returned to Gibraltar following successful hip surgery and has resumed his duties. The Governor and Lady Richards returned to Gibraltar last weekend.


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