Friday, March 11, 2005

Government and Spanish MP recall March 11 victims

*MoD steps up security

Gibraltar Government says it endorses a statement by Mar del Sur in relation to today’s first anniversary of the terrorist attack in Madrid and expresses solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks.

To mark the occasion, the Chief Minister Peter Caruana, and the visiting MP Rafael Estrella, who is the spokesman for the PSOE in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress (Congreso de Diputados) will mark a minute’s silence together at 5pm during their meeting at No 6 Convent Place.

Sr Estrella will speak to the Casino Calpe tonight but is meeting different sectors of the community today including the Chamber of Commerce.

Mar del Sur, the president of which is Ana Leon and secretary Peter Montegriffo issued a call to individuals in Gibraltar to mark the M-11 event by observing a minute’s silence at 5pm.

“Terrorism is an international phenomenon that knows no frontiers and the association is grateful to the people of Gibraltar for their support at this time,” they said. Mar del Sur organises regular talks and discussions.

Meanwhile the MOD announced that British Forces Gibraltar are increasing their security posture around the Rock for the anniversary of the Madrid bombings.

“This is purely a precautionary measure and not a result of any direct information. Commander of Operations for British Forces Gibraltar, Commander Andy Johnson siad: “It is always prudent to be prepared. The Madrid Bombings were a tragic reminder of terrorist activity and we must ensure Gibraltar is kept as safe as possible for all.”


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