Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Goodbye, Elizabeth - Our oldest Rock Ape is dead

Goodbye Elizabeth - Our oldest Rock Ape who passed away recently
Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society regrets to announce the death of Gibraltar’s oldest “Rock Ape” at the age of 24.

A GONHS spokesman said:

“Elizabeth, affectionately known as “Bloody Mary” a female Ape from Apes’ Den was born at the Apes’ Den at Queen’s Gate in 1981.

She was the third monkey to carry the name Elizabeth, the first animal with this name was so named during the Queen’s visit to Gibraltar in 1954.”

“Elizabeth died during the period of bad weather on the 1st of March due to her age and failing health. Born at a time when the frontier was still closed, she saw many changes within the Upper Rock, and witnessed the huge increase in the number of tourists that visited her once the frontier opened.

She was a favourite with the tour operators and tourists alike. A monkey of great character, tolerance and understanding. She will be sadly missed at the Apes Den.”


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