Friday, March 18, 2005

Gibraltarian man in La Linea drugs chase

A Gibraltarian man named only with the initials GFO was arrested by La Línea police on Tuesday afternoon after three kilos of cannabis resin were discovered in his locally registered motorcycle.

The man who was stopped at the frontier after a chase through the streets of La Linea, managed to evade the officers and cross the frontier on foot.

La Linea police alerted by the man’s suspicious conduct had approached him outside Carrefour for identification, but he drove away and headed for the frontier where he was stopped by Spanish police.

According to a La Linea police spokesman, the man was searched and a piece of cannabis was found on him, after which he fled into Gibraltar. The rest of the cannabis was discovered after a subsequent search of his motorcycle. The drugs and the vehicle were taken to the comisaría.

Meanwhile in reply to Chronicle questions, a Gibraltar police spokesman confirmed the incident had occurred. The man’s details were taken by local police and he “may be seen” at a later date. The Royal Gibraltar Police spokesman said that in cases such as this, they are open to receive any request from the Spanish police through official channels set up under the Schengen accord. He said that depending on the seriousness of the case this mechanism, which culminates in extradition proceedings in certain cases, was put into effect. In this case the likelihood was that Spain would issue an order of ‘busca y captura’ against the person to be rearrested at the point of entry into the country.


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