Monday, March 07, 2005

Geneva mooted as model for Gibraltar - Campo Airport use

Dominique Searle Reports

Geneva could be a model for a future arrangement on Gibraltar airport that the tripartite co-operation talks might consider, it has emerged.

The Chronicle understands that experts are looking at existing models of airports that involve two separate jurisdictions accessing them. First hand inspection of these is also being considered.

One of the distinguishing features of Geneva International Airport is that both buildings and runway actually straddle the border between two countries. Part of the airport lies in Switzerland and part in France. It is therefore necessary to have your passport ready if you wish to explore the whole building. Passports are neither required for taxiways nor runways.

The airport covers 340 hectares (840 acres) and lies 5 kilometres (3 miles) from central Geneva. There are direct connections by train and trolleybus and taxis are plentiful.

Direct scheduled flights from Geneva on 41 airlines extend to 80 destinations and over 7 million people used Geneva Airport last year.

Arriving at Geneva International Airport, it is possible to go to France without passing through Switzerland. When they arrive in Geneva, passengers head for the French sector’s arrival and then get their luggage.

On departure people can check-in in the French side. Then they can reach the international sector for the departure via the transit desks. They don’t have to pass through Swiss Passport and Customs before transfer into France.

The airport which includes 60 shops generates a total of 24,000 jobs.


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