Thursday, March 24, 2005

Funicular Launch Plans unchanged

Statements by the anti-funicular lobby group accusing the developers of the project of putting across “a shameful lie” that Albert Hammond and John Galliano were going to participate in a lauch extravaganza, requires editorial clarification.

On March 3rd 2005 Leslie Ratcliffe on behalf of the funicular developers 21st Century Rock declared to the Chronicle that the renowned fashion designer John Galliano, Albert Hammond and The Strokes were among some of the big names that would be linked to the international launch of the project.

Following the interview with Mr Ratcliffe published on that date, there has been speculation in other local media with subsequent reports that chose to infer or construe from the Chronicle story that the artists in question were supporting the project. Such comments later drew a denial from representatives of both Messrs Galliano and Hammond.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the funicular project said that their plans for the launch extravaganza remained unchanged.


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