Thursday, March 03, 2005

Frontier queue affected by strike action

Gib immigration pay dispute

Employees from the Security and Immigration Ltd have declared themselves in dispute with the company as from midnight over a pay dispute.

Among the immediate effects of the action, the outgoing frontier traffic at the loop will not be directed by officers. Statistical information at Gibraltar entry points will not be collected while the TGWU has threatened to escalate action unless they receive a response to their claim by March 16th.

TGWU District Officer Luis Montiel said:

As from 00.00 hours yesterday, our members employed at the Security and Immigration Ltd are taking selective industrial action in pursuance of the pay claim submitted over 18 months ago.

On July 26th 2004 we issued a press release highlighting the delays in resolving this issue. Nine months later our members are in the same position. Our members have been patiently awaiting a satisfactory response to their pay claim. This has not been available and we have had no other alternative than to declare ourselves in dispute with the management company.

The first phase of action will be as follows:

No directing of traffic at the loop-outgoing traffic to Spain
No collection of statistical figures, outgoing or incoming tourists and vehicles
No manning of the telephone for enquiries on outgoing and incoming queries at the frontier
No collection of statistics at the yacht reporting berth – either crews or yachts
No collection of statistics of either incoming and outgoing civilian and private aircraft nor passenger information.

Our members will be taking this action until March 16th 2005, on this day if no response is forthcoming we will escalate. As a Union we urge the company to sit down and start meaningful negotiations, to find a suitable solution.


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