Saturday, March 05, 2005

Frontier affront was deliberate, says Caruana

The Chief Minister Peter Caruana, has said that the incident he had at the frontier on Thursday had not been one that concerned him at a personal level but that it had been an affront to his office.

The official complaint from Gibraltar to Madrid was made on Thursday and Madrid apologised for the incident.

Mr Caruana revealed that as he approached, a police officer told the other that he was coming saying “Aqui viene Caruana.” Then the Policia Nacional officer had made a “song and dance” by not just asking for passports but the car documents too. These were then scrutinised.

"Knowing that I was the Chief Minister he then put the documents on the ‘toaster’ (a device to check passports against possible suspects),” said Mr Caruana who rejected the suggestion that this being a new or young officer could be an explanation.
“It is wholly untrue. The whole incident happened because they knew who I was,” he said. An investigation is being carried out by the Policia Nacional.


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