Thursday, March 31, 2005

Final result will make it worthwhile, say Promoters

Ocean Village defends “fantastic” project

Ocean Village promoters have incurred considerable additional expense to minimise noise, vibration and pollution during the construction phase of the development, spokeswoman Barbara Sellors declared yesterday.

Responding to the criticisms from residents in the area, Mrs Sellors said that from the very beginning they had consistently tried to keep “a positive rapport” with neighbours” by co-operating with them, and stated that some inconvenience was inevitable whilst infrastructure improvements take place but the final result would be better for everyone. Meanwhile they have also denied that there was any work carried out by them on Easter Monday and attributed the disturbance to “ambient noise.”

“Ocean Village will be a fantastic asset to Gibraltar, greatly enhancing the value of all adjoining properties and providing vastly improved facilities and views for all in the vicinity,” she declared. The statement by the Ocean Village promoters said:

“We have cooperated with Marina Court over their repairs to their own building which was facilitated by allowing access over our site. This repair work created tremendous noise – they were hammering out concrete. Though it was for worthwhile cause i.e. the improvement of the structure of their building. We didn’t complain!”

“We have tried to keep a positive rapport with our neighbours and have cooperated at considerable additional expense, voluntarily employing augured as opposed to driven piling to minimise noise and vibration.

Julian Munday, our Construction Manager, was very keen to meet with the Residents’ Committee for a follow-up session to a previous meeting but despite writing and phoning numerous times since March 23rd we have had no response i.e. the onus was on them. If there has been no response then presumably there were no problems to be resolved.”

“Several residents have visited the Site Office and use the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the development in a positive manner with him. Indeed many residents have thanked us for resolving issues. This appears to be at odds with the views expressed by Marina Court Management Co. Ltd.”

“We have issued a Newsletter delivered to all Marina Court residents. We have fully investigated the possibility that the contractor worked on Easter bank holiday Monday and can confirm that the site was shut for the entire Easter holiday period. If noise was heard this confirms to us that ambient noise – people working on boats, cars and lorries passing, etc – must have been the issue on Easter Monday.”

“New storm water drainage for the benefit of Glacis Road has been put in place by us for the Government. These works prevented a protective walkway being completed. It will be finished very soon and will incorporate side panels and lighting. This is like the beatification of Main Street: some inconvenience is inevitable whilst infrastructure improvements take place but the result is better for everyone.”

“We continue to procure best solutions to reduce sound levels such as an alternative technique to breaking down the pile caps - expanding grout system. The tower crane has been selected to minimise dust and fume pollution which is a feature of mobile cranes. We have improved the security of the fencing. Richard Labrador, Gibraltar’s foremost Health and Safety expert, has been employed by the contractor as Health and Safety Supervisor.”


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