Friday, March 11, 2005

ESG Documents sent to European Commission

The Environmental Safety Group (ESG) says that after a very busy last quarter in 2004, it has now sent more documents in evidence to support its complaint lodged with the European Commission.

The documents include:-

• a collection of press cuttings covering the anti-pollution demonstration, a first such demonstration at a grass roots level

• the complete Bay Bucket Brigade report

• a copy of the petition calling for cleaner industry and reduction in pollution (now at over 2,500).

In the covering letter sent by the group’s legal advisors, Hassans International Law Firm, the enclosures are described as supporting evidence to what is an unacceptable level of pollution and serious illnesses in the zone and asks for:

· The need for an immediate inspection by the European Commission and/or European Environment Agency, who has also been sent a copy of these documents, to place pressure upon the relevant Spanish authorities to regulate these highly polluting industries to the highest and safest possible standards

· This to be followed by appropriate action by the EC to reduce pollution for the benefit of the citizens and environment of the Bay.

The ESG is confident that the information being sent accurately reflects the reality of pollution in the Bay and how this affects the quality of life for the many who reside here. It is expected that the EC will now take action.


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