Thursday, March 10, 2005

Delegations visit Geneva Airport Terminal

Tripartite process

A Gibraltar Government technical team left yesterday on a fact finding visit to the Geneva Airport terminal, No 6 Convent Place confirmed yesterday.

They will be joined there by their British and Spanish counterparts. The delegation is composed of Ministry for Trade official Richard Garcia and Terence Lopez of Terminal Management Ltd.

Plans for such a visit were revealed in the Chronicle on Monday. A Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

“At the meeting of the trilateral forum held in Malaga on Friday 11 February, it was agreed that officials from all three delegations should travel to Geneva airport on a fact finding visit.”

“The aim is to find out the modalities of the airport terminal which is situated between Switzerland and France to establish whether there are features of the operational arrangements there which could be considered for application at the Gibraltar Air Terminal.”

One of the distinguishing features of Geneva International Airport is that both buildings and runway actually straddle the border between two countries. Part of the airport lies in Switzerland and part in France. It is therefore necessary to have your passport ready if you wish to explore the whole building. Passports are neither required for taxiways nor runways.


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