Friday, March 11, 2005

Britto lifts the lid on Opposition Sewage story

Ernest Britto, Minister for Health, yesterday accused the GSLP (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party) of having a “politically motivated obsession” with tarnishing the New Hospital.

In a statement to the press Mr Britto said that it is not true that there has been a burst sewage pipe or any contamination of a ward.

“If Ms Montegriffo were less interested in political capital and more interested in truth, she would take the trouble to establish the facts before putting pen to paper on the basis of the first rumour that reaches her ears. Ms Montegriffo’s methods are obvious. First she tells a lie, and then she comments on her own lie. For example, in this case she says that a burst pipe (actually there was no burst pipe) burst because the plumbing had not been checked and tested before the building was accepted from the contractor. Hence, in her indecent haste to criticise the Government, she actually provides an explanation and a reason and apportions blame for something that, in fact, did not happen in the first place,” he said.

Mr Britto says that what actually happened is that a toilet became blocked.

“When the blockage was released it resulted in a backflow towards the maintenance cover from where the unblocking was carried out and this resulted in a spill in the lobby of a ward, which was immediately cleaned up, and disinfected without any risk to patients. A toilet can become blocked in any building at any time, new or old. The Government however takes note that in the Opposition’s view, the fact that a toilet suffers a blockage proves how very badly the Government has done in relation to the New Hospital and how this must mean that she has been right all along,” he said.


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