Friday, March 11, 2005

Boat owners disappointed at Port Department

Boat owners who suffered damage from the recent storm when their vessels were moored at Western Beach continue to write to this newspaper complaining at the failure of the Port Department to respond to their initial calls for help.

John Ferrary told the Chronicle he had to be grateful to Mr Morillo and Mr Pons of Tarik Shipping who came to his assistance on March 1. They immediately responded to his pleas to rescue his cabin cruiser Farad from sinking as it was battered by the remnants of the pontoon to which it had been secured.

"Braving the weather conditions prevalent that night Mr Pons in Lady Grandy immediately put to sea and we were eventually able to secure a line that allowed us to tow the damaged vessel to the relative safety of Coaling Island. I must also record my disappointment at the manner in which the Port Department was unwilling to respond to my initial request to them for help," he says.


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