Tuesday, March 29, 2005

ASCTEG complain of work benfits disadvantage in Gibraltar

Spanish workers in Gibraltar are at a disadvantage in relation to the social benefits obtained by their counterparts in Spain, ASCTEG the Spanish workers association in Gibraltar has declared.

In a statement the association welcome what they describe as the positive disposition of the Spanish administration, and said it will continue to assist individuals who face problems while pressing for a solution to their difficulties. A spokesman said:

“It is clear that by working in Gibraltar Spanish workers lose out in terms of workers’ acquired rights in Spain. ASCTEG (Asociación Socio Cultural de Trabajadores Españoles en Gibraltar) held a meeting yesterday to study individual cases of workers.”

ASCTEG highlight the case of a woman who had to obtain official medical leave because of pregnancy complications, and was not covered by any financial assistance for the period in question because this is not contemplated in Gibraltar labour law.

The association is complaining about the lack of cover for workers who are unable to work due to illness and also draw attention to the case of an employee who had been working in the same firm since 1998 whose employment was terminated in September 2004 and currently receives no unemployment benefit.

Finally the group say that another worker who was injured in an accident while cycling to work and did not fully recover from a knee injury even after a period of convalescence, was subsequently dismissed because he could not longer perform the job.

They add that under local law the incident was not considered an accident at work and therefore the employee missed out on financial benefits.


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