Friday, March 04, 2005

Arenas says Mayors must join Gibraltar talks

Javier Arenas the PP president for Andalusia visited the frontier yesterday morning with La Linea Mayor Juan Carlos Juarez and called for the Campo mayors to be included in future talks relating to Gibraltar.

It emerged that the PP are to take a motion to the Spanish parliament (Congreso) calling for the mayors to be included in the process of discussions that include Gibraltar and objecting to the PSOE Government’s acceptance of tripartite talks.

Sr Arenas said that he preferred that Gibraltar not be included in talks but since it now had been the Campo leaders should be there too. Again he emphasised the PP claim that the Madrid Government is giving Gibraltar more of its attention than to the Campo and expressed surprise that the Junta de Andalucia was neither represented in the talks nor demanding that the mayors be there.

The PP chief took up a remark by Chief Minister Peter Caruana in Malaga that the question of the airport should “start from zero.” Sr Arenas instead said that the 1987 Airport Agreement exists and that this should be the basis for any future agreement. If agreement could not be reached then the Campo should have its own separate airport.
Sr Arenas, who was also accompanied by the representatives of Spanish pensioners association, ALPEG, said that Spanish pensions and the conditions for Spanish workers currently employed in Gibraltar should be a priority. He also believes that environment – especially nuclear submarine visits and bunkering – should be top issues on the agenda.


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