Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Anti-Funicular Group attack Project “misinformation”

Gibraltar’s anti-funicular transport lobby yesterday issued a statement to correct what it described as the “misinformation being communicated to the public by Messrs Leslie Ratcliffe, Brian Francis, Ken Robinson” and the investors in the project.

According to the group if the funicular were to go ahead it could lead to the closure of the Cable Car and have negative effects on all existing transporters. A group spokesman said:

“These persons have tried to mislead the public into thinking that the funicular is necessary to provide access to the Northern Defences. Not only is this untrue but there was not even any mention of the Northern Defences in the Study submitted by the developers as part of their application.”

“Between us, the Gibraltar Taxi Association, Persian Rose, Southern Garages Management, MH Bland and Calypso Tours we took more than 350,000 tourists last year to visit the Great Siege Tunnels, which are a part of the Northern Defence.”

“The funicular would not take these tourists any closer to the Northern Defences than is today possible and is not needed to make this area more accessible to tourists. Indeed, when the Government has completed the improvement works that it has announced we shall be in a position to as much as double this figure as not all the passengers we take, currently go to the Northern Defences and are not included in the figure of 350,000.”

“The developers of the funicular should admit that the only ones who would benefit from this project would be themselves to the detriment of all other local operators within the existing tourism industry. If the funicular were to go ahead it would almost certainly result in the closure of the existing Cable Car and the dismantling of our existing tourist product to the detriment of all existing transporters.”

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