Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Antena 3 links Gibraltar to money laundering scam

Gibraltar has been linked to the Marbella money laundering scandal in a television programme ‘Siete Dias Siete Noches’ screened on Sunday night by Spanish national channel Antena Tres.

A journalist with a hidden camera posing as a client seeking to ‘launder’ one million euros of black money in cash to avoid Hacienda, was seen discussing the matter with a local lawyer in his chambers.

The lawyer, whose face was blurred and identity concealed, offered possible solutions and declared that he had contacts in Switzerland and also suggested the possibility of registering a company in the British Virgin Islands.

The programme which also showed footage of an alleged tobacco smuggler giving details of his activities in Gibraltar, claimed that the Rock’s lack of transparency allegedly contributed to the establishment of mafia organisations in the Costa del Sol.

Spanish police carried out a huge anti-money laundering operation in Marbella last week codenamed ‘Ballena Blanca’.


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