Tuesday, February 01, 2005

We will not allow Privatisation in Public Sector, says Montiel

Union fires warning at Gibraltar Government

TGWU has reacted to the outcome of last week's session of the House of Assembly when a bill setting up the Gibraltar Port Authority was formally tabled by the Gibraltar Government.

In a statement issued yesterday TGWU District Officer Luis Montiel fired a warning at Convent Place stating that the Union will not "accept contractorisation or privatisation" in government departments.

Mr Montiel said:

We wish to clarify that the Port Department employees, members of the ACTS union, have not yet become employees of the Gibraltar Port Authority. TGWU/ACTS and the Gibraltar Government have been negotiating the terms and conditions under which the employees (ACTS members) will be transferred to the new authority. The current situation is that although most of the terms and conditions have been agreed, there are still pending issues which need negotiating. Once this has been cleared, the whole package will be put to the members through a ballot vote.

We also take this opportunity to correct some misunderstanding that arises on the question of the setting up of Authorities. Unlike 1990/91 when Government departments were privatised, (Telephone department, Water section and Cleansing PWD) and the employees stopped being government employees and no longer enjoyed Gibraltar Government terms and conditions in their new private companies, in these Authorities, government employees retain their terms and conditions governed by general orders. They remain Gibraltar Government permanent staff, they do not, and as TGWU/ACTS policy we will not, accept contractorisation or privatisation. We do not accept this in the MoD neither will we accept it in the Gibraltar Government.


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