Tuesday, February 22, 2005

VOGG support Union over MoD

Voice of Gibraltar Group , who have already carried several protests at the MoD position over the past two years, have declared their support for the unions.

"The T&GWU can rest assured of the VOGG's continued solidarity and physical assistance, in whatever manner the former deems appropriate, always ready and willing to answer the 'call to arms'," said the VOGG.

In February last year, The VOGG expressed its solidarity with The T&GWU by supporting the walkout from HM Base by local MoD workers.

In a statement at that time, it said:

All the words of 'commitment' uttered by so many UK Ministers and Officials now sound distant and hollow. Once again, the MoD gives callous notice of its own vested interests without consideration for the loyal workforce. At the end of the day and whichever way it is looked at, this is just the latest instalment in HMG's overall 'sell-out' plan for the Rock and its people, duly manicured as a penny-pinching exercise.

In April, it further warned that restrictions to the Finance Centre, coupled with mass redundancies at the MoD would prove 'cataclysmic'.

This despite assurances from Geoff Hoon, Defence Minister, - who the Group met during his visit - 'duly sweetened by a land-release package, however welcome the latter may be', said the VOGG.


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