Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Union seeks political support over MoD cuts

Montiel still in hospital

Luis Montiel, TGWU District Officer, is in hospital awaiting kidney and bladder related exploratory surgery. Mr Montiel was taken in last week as a result of what has been an ongoing complaint related to a blockage. Reports last week that he had suffered chest pains were incorrect.

Mr Montiel was in good spirits yesterday and indicated that he will soon be back at work leading the fight against the MoD cuts.

Meanwhile, Charles Sisarello, TGWU/ACTS branch officer has confirmed that the unions will be meeting with Peter Caruana Chief Minister this afternoon in a bid to bring together support and action against MoD's announcement plans to privatise jobs. A meeting with Joe Bossano, Opposition Leader, follows tomorrow and the unions are also seeking support from the main offices in London.

We must take this issue up both at political and trade union level and get as much support as possible to take it up with UK, said Mr Sisarello.


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