Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Torpedo at the Tripartite talks, says Montedeoca

Mancomunidad president Juan Montedeoca has declared that the arrival of the HMS Sceptre in Gibraltar “is a torpedo that has been launched against the new process of tripartite negotiations by certain sectors of the British Government.”

Sr Montedeoca expressed his rejection at the arrival of the damaged British nuclear submarine to Gibraltar and the plans by the Ministry of Defence to conduct the repairs.

Sr Montedeoca said he will be in touch with the national authorities to continue receiving up to date information on the submarine. He has also been in contact with the Spanish Foreign Ministry and the the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear and also exchanging information with Chief Minister Peter Caruana, a Mancomunidad spokesman said. Meanwhile the Mancomunidad will be discussing the nuclear submarine repairs at a meeting on Monday.

Meanwhile Spanish Government sources said that it had deployed a specialist Navy unit known as GOVRA (Grupos de Vigilancia Radiológica de la Armada) to monitor radiological readings in the Bay.


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