Friday, February 25, 2005

TGWU/ACTS & Prospect Team to defy ‘fait accompli’

Leaders of the main unions TGWU/ACTS and Prospect have joined their forces as one against the MoD decision to privatise jobs and have written to Allan Adair, Commander British Forces to put him on notice.

Union sources made clear to the Chronicle yesterday that they are now in a state of dispute with MoD. And there are plans to gradually escalate within a strategy likely to start with a mass demonstration and petitions.

However, activists have vowed that they will not – whatever the upshot - allow contractors to be brought in from outside putting at risk the local jobs.

In their letter to the CBF the unions state:

The Trade Unions now officially inform you that due to the recent announcement made by the Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram, on Thursday 10th February 2005, to the Chief Minister, Peter Caruana QC, the Trade Unions can no longer sit at a forum specifically designed in the UK for consultation and adopted in Gibraltar, when the MoD has used a “fait accompli” and ignored both National and Local consultative procedures.

For the past 2 weeks, the Trade Unions have conveyed to you, that we have an open door to dialogue. Command has taken the stance of not walking through that door.

Meanwhile, some sectors are already taking limited action. The Defence Fire services continue to be on standby for emergencies but are refusing to carry out non-essential tasks.


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