Friday, February 11, 2005

A smooth transfer for new Mount Alvernia residents

Patients transferred from beds in the old St Bernard’s Hospital to Mount Alvernia quickly settled into their new home yesterday.

By mid-afternoon the transfer operation was completed with 40 patients becoming the new residents of the Home.

“The transfer operation has gone very smoothly indeed,” commented the Manager of Mount Alvernia Carmen Maskill yesterday afternoon. She herself welcomed many of the new residents and the first one to arrive early in the morning together with the staff of the Elderly Care Agency.

The transfer involved the Gibraltar Health Authority, the Elderly Care Agency, and the assistance of specialised transport provided by the Friends of Mount Alvernia. All the transfers were escorted by a police motorcyclist.

Just after 9.30am the move began with the first new residents arriving by 10am. By lunch-time 32 senior citizens were settling in and having lunch at Mount Alvernia. By 2.30pm the remaining eight had been transferred and were following the same routine as all the other residents.

"I had no doubt it would be successful because the staff at the Elderly Care Agency have given their all and responded extremely well with cheer and goodwill,” added Mrs Maskill.

Nothing had been left to chance and the full transfer included equipment and all the patients personal belongings.

By early afternoon they had all been sorted out, and personal items put in each persons bedroom, they are now all following the routine of all residents at Mount Alvernia. Yesterday evening our new arrivals were settling to dinner in the dining-room. A few more patients still need to be transferred from the hospital and this will happen over the next few days.


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