Thursday, February 10, 2005

Saving the Gannet

Vets in Gibraltar are hoping to save the life of a gannet rescued with serious injuries from a 9 cm fish hook.

A Gannet similar to the rescued one found by the men of the Gibraltar SquadronThe bird was rescued by the Gibraltar Squadron as they escorted HMS Sceptre on her journey. Two members of the Gibraltar Squadron, spotted the wild sea bird struggling in the heavy swell and managed to lift it into their RHIB.

Cpl Jonny Cartwright of Royal Gibraltar Regiment and Royal Marine Russ McDonagh were in one of Gibraltar Squadron’s RHIBs when they spotted the injured gannet. Cpl Cartwright said;

After a few minutes we managed to secure the bird safely without causing it undue stress. It appeared to have swallowed a fish complete with hook and line. The line was wrapped round the head and body and the bird was obviously stuck. It was the least we could do to save it.
Upon returning to dry land the two sailors took the bird to the Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic at 33, Rosia Road. The stricken gannet was taken from the sailors by the very helpful staff who proceeded to take an x-ray to determine how best they can safely remove the blockage.


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