Friday, February 25, 2005

PSOE-PP row over Gibraltar continues

Members of Spanish Government and Opposition continue to row over the current Gibraltar tripartite talks process.

In debate in the Andalucian parliament PSOE spokesman Gaspar Zarrias expressed full support for the central government’s policy on talks. He highlighted the fact that the finance centre in Gibraltar is to lose “unfair advantages” by 2010. He also said that co-operation will help eliminate old prejudices.

But PP spokesman Antonio Sanz decried as an historical reverse and “humiliation” the setting up of tripartite talks where Gibraltar has a veto. He said that this also puts in question the resolutions at the UN.

In a heated contribution he went on to accuse the PSOE of mollycoddling Gibraltarians at the expense of the people of the Campo and declared this to be “an historic error”.

Sr Zarrias retorted that the PSOE had not given up on one iota of sovereignty but he said that dialgue would triumph for the benefit of citizens on both sides of the border. He also claimed that unlike the PP the PSOE had succeeded in dismantling the “tax haven”.

The joke and humiliation for Spain he said had been Aznar who had “crawled before Bush” and had now “been sent home where he belongs.”


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