Monday, February 14, 2005

Prospect reject ‘walk out’ claim

Social Services staff did not ‘walk out’ of their departments on Tuesday, Prospect has said.

In a statement they said that meetings with Trade Unions and their members is a regular occurrence, whether at Union Headquarters or within departments themselves.

“It is not unusual that all Members attend such meetings as opposed to just the Shop Stewards, or in our case, Section Reps. Management was aware that a meeting had been convened between Social Services staff and their respective Union. In the case of Social Workers, both Unions are involved, and it is therefore normal practice that one or the other Union Headquarters is used. This was the case last Tuesday when Prospect’s premises were used for a convened meeting", said Michael Tampin the Branch secretary.

“Negotiations take place on numerous issues, everyday of the week, between Members, Unions, Ministers, Heads of Department etc. Last Tuesday’s meeting with Social Services staff was no different,” he said.


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