Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nursing Committee presses Union for meeting

The recently formed Nursing section committee is pressing its union leadership to respond to calls for a meeting to resolve the current dispute within the TGWU/ACTS.

The committee reported to Transport House yesterday lunchtime for a pre-announced meeting hoping to meet union officials. They met no one.

The Chronicle understands that Charles Sisarello, branch officer, was not present.

The District Officer Luis Montiel is currently undergoing treatment in hospital.

Mr Netto remained defiant yesterday accusing the Gibraltar Health Authority and the Union of a pincer movement designed to weary the nurses. "All we want is to talk to the union and find out what progress is being made on the issues that affect us," said Mr Netto who confirmed that they had called another meeting at Transport House for this Friday at 9am. He claims that management is ignoring the nurses too and at the same time gradually increasing the nurses' workload.

We called Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for a meeting with the union. There are issues we must resolve and all this time the management is putting the burden of new changes on the nurses.

We are not asking to do more or less than nurses in Britain would do. If they do from A to Z then that is what we must do, but if they do from, say, A to M then that should be are duty also. What they cannot do is give us more mundane tasks and then say it is our fault if our absence causes problems for bedside care.

M Netto says that nurses are being asked to carry out tasks like helping prepare breakfast.

Meanwhile Mr Sisarello confirmed the union continued short-staffed with no replacement having been made for Pepe Nuza and only himself dealing with the current disputes whilst awaiting Mr Montiel's return.


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