Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nurses Committee ‘suffering from infantile disorder’

The row between the TGWU/Acts and the Nursing Section Committee continued yesterday with the union accusing them of having attempted to stop the move from the old to the new hospital and failed.

And mudslinging between the sides continued as the union accuse them of taking an irresponsible stand that amounts to “an infantile disorder”.

“In trying to achieve their goal they seem to have at all times disregarded the interest and welfare of patients,” said the union also accusing the nursing section of being “economical with the truth” for not telling a meeting last Friday that District Officer Luis Montiel had earlier that day resolved the contract nurses issue. Nor, said the union, had they informed nurses that the union had issued a bulletin.

The union said that no political parties or organisation are supporting the stance taken by the nursing committee. The union said that having failed the committee was looking to them to solve the issue and went on to claim that chances of achieving an early satisfactory solution to the question may have been jeopardised.

“It is a sad day when supposed trade unionists cause divisions amongst rank and file doing a disservice to the labour movement,” said TGWU in a statement. But they went on to say that they hoped the committee had learnt its lesson and the parties could now return to working as one.

The union said it looked forward to putting the “unfortunate episode” behind it and paid tribute to all GHA staff for their professionalism in the move.


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