Monday, February 28, 2005

New Project to promote Gibraltar's Port

A new initiative to promote Gibraltar’s port and shipping has just been launched. It is the Gibraltar Shipping Showcase, which consists of a full-colour printed edition, an online edition and updates.

The printed edition is supported by Gibraltar’s maritime community and the Gibraltar Government which will also use it as part of their promotion of the port. The full-colour glossy magazine is also being made available at international shipping conferences and trade shows.

At the same time there has been simultaneous publication in the Singapore Business Times of a Gibraltar shipping special, to reach the important Asian market.
A dedicated website has also been set up, and can be accessed at It will be updated throughout the year.

A spokesman said that, with the printed edition, online edition and updates, the project provides year-round exposure to Gibraltar’s port and shipping world.

Reports included range from cruise ships to bunkering, and from ship registry to Gibraltar as a centre for shipping and trade. It is also revealed that an ‘Invest Gibraltar’ initiative is to be launched by the Government to attract investment to Gibraltar.

Port minister Joe Holliday writes that “Gibraltar is fast developing as a broadly based international maritime centre.”


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