Monday, February 21, 2005

Mayor's Reception for Elite Sportsmen and Women

Mayor Clive Beltran held a reception in recognition of Gibraltar’s elite sportsmen and women of 2004. All who attended had done exceptionally well throughout last year in international events.

Mr Beltran said the reception was a way of giving them public recognition which they rightly deserve, praise them for their achievements, and give them thanks for their efforts.

“It is a way of showing our gratitude and a way of encouraging them and others to continue to do their best and to offer them as an example of excellence to the younger sportsmen and women in our community,” he said.

The sports included were Golf, Hockey, Cricket, Sea Angling, Darts, Football, Shooting and Rowing. The sportsmen and women represented included Commonwealth Gold Medal winner Heloise Mañasco, Calpe Rowing Club 4 Ladies UK champions for the second year running, and the junior football team who won the Holland Cup.


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