Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Letter to the Editor - KGV Investigation reply

Dear Sir, With respect to the tragic death of Mr Celecia at KGV, there are continuing investigations being undertaken by the Police, the Fire Service, the Coroner and the GHA.

The GHA is co-operating fully with these three agencies.

The GHA are also undertaking an internal enquiry. This will ascertain whether there were any shortcomings in environmental and/or clinical safety standards. In reaching its conclusions, the GHA enquiry will also identify further recommendations for consideration in order to ensure that lessons are learned as a consequence. Where deficiencies are identified, it will clarify actions required and responsibilities for rectifying these.

Until the GHA investigation is fully completed it would be inappropriate of the GHA to discuss any preliminary findings or pre-empt the final conclusions. Once the report is completed, we will, of course, be sharing the full findings and recommendations with Mr Celecia’s family. The GHA is committed to ensuring that a robust investigation is completed which is open and fair. It is anticipated that the GHA report will be completed by April 2005.

Dr D McCutcheon
GHA Chief Executive


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