Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gibtelecom credits customers after ADSL service faults

Local telecommunications operator has declared that it will be crediting its ADSL customers with half of one’s month rent after a spate of complaints over the interruption of the service.

A Gibtelecom spokesman said:

The company announces that it will be crediting all its “WoW” ADSL customers with half of one month’s rent as a consequence of the recent interruptions to this service.

This step has been taken in accordance with the terms of Service Level Agreement (SLA) entered into with customers. These rebates will appear on ADSL customers’ January bills which will be mailed out in early February.

Gibtelecom apologises for the disruptions in the ADSL service which are being recognised by the Company with this historic rebate. The problems encountered have been particularly complex, necessitating the intervention of internet equipment and software experts from several manufacturers around the world. Gibtelecom engineers and managers did also work round the clock over a number of days in order to effect the repairs as expeditiously as possible.

We will be undertaking further works over the coming weeks to ensure the stability of the ADSL network, and that the quality of the service matches the growing demands of internet customers.


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