Thursday, February 24, 2005

Gay Group writes to EU Commission

Equality Rights organisation Gibraltar Gay Rights (GGR) has written to the European Commission regarding last year's introduction of the Equal Opportunities Ordinance.

Felix Alvarez, Chairman said:

We are not satisfied that the language of the Ordinance meets the requirements of the EU Directive. For this reason we have been scrutinising the precise wording of the Gibraltar law to evaluate whether it satisfies the terms of the EU's legislation, working closely with experts in the field and are pleased that the UK Chapter of the EU's publication of a "Report of the European Group of Experts on Combating Sexual Orientation Discrimination" incorporates that analysis of where the Gibraltar law is deficient.

There are six separate areas of interest in the Gibraltar law which are outlined by the experts as requiring amendment to satisfy the EU. I have sent a copy of the recommendations for change to the Chief Minister and written to the Commission.

It is important to remind all working people that there is now a law in place in Gibraltar which makes it illegal to discriminate against people in the workplace on several grounds - including sexual orientation. If you are facing discrimination-related problems at work you should take up your rights. You will find that GGR will be more than happy to assist you.


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