Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Checkout closure provokes staff discontent

20 redundancies hits supermarket

An on-line gaming casino is expected to take the place of the Checkout supermarket at Marina Bay that is to cease trading on February 6th and close down completely at the end of the month. According to a letter to the employees from the company that owns the supermarket Inverrigan Ltd, the entire staff of 20 will be made redundant. The Checkout store in Main Street was also closed down last year.

Meanwhile the owners of the store say that the decision to close has been taken because “management has taken the view that it is no longer commercially viable to operate this store.”

Redundancy payments for the staff are currently being discussed and will be calculated in proportion to the years of service.

Staff have expressed concern that they are being told to take compulsory annual leave during the month’s consultation period that precedes the period of notice and fear that they will lose out on an additional payment for the leave period. Asked to comment a TGWU spokesman said no employee could be forced to take leave against their will.

A spokesman for Inverrigan said:

We trust all employees will co-operate with management during this difficult time.


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