Thursday, February 17, 2005

Caruana mediation offer on the table

TGWU has declared that it is considering an offer by Chief Minister Peter Caruana to mediate between the company and the workforce in the current water strike at AquaGib.

Speaking to the Chronicle yesterday Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said the proposal by the Chief Minister at a meeting held yesterday at Convent Place, was made on condition that the Union lifted the current industrial action. Mr Sisarello said a decision on whether to accept the offer or not will be taken by the workforce of 80 by show of hands this morning at Transport House.

Take effective action Alameda Tenants tell Government

Earlier the Alameda Estate Tenants Association had said that, with Fabian Vinet the minister who chairs the company having said that Government takes a serious view on this matter, “the time has come for Government to translate this concern into meaningful and effective action”. In a letter to the Chief Minister the tenants said they happened to be the innocent victims of this conflict and had no one to defend their interests or rights, in this case having access to fresh water at home.

“The general view amongst our members is that you as Government, as Landlords of the affected tenants and as shareholders of AquaGib, must intervene directly and effectively to try and resolve this dispute, which as earlier stated, is causing serious hardship to hundreds of people in our estate,” said the association. They asked him to meet with the committee as a matter of urgency.


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