Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bruzon accuses Government of "mismanagement"

Supply care workers row

GSLP/Libs has accused the Gibraltar Government of “mismanagement” in the continuing row over the Supply Care Workers, stating this was an example of a department using its initiative to meet their needs but then finding they could not complete the exercise.

In a statement issued yesterday GSLP/Lib spokesman Charles Bruzon said:

The Government’s latest reaction on the cancellation of the induction training for extra Supply Care Workers says that our original statement was incorrect.

Government’s defence seems to rest on the basis that because there were already some Supply Care Workers available, the new Supply Workers were not been recruited to create a pool but to be added to the existing pool. The fact that steps were being taken to expand the size of the pool of Supply Care Workers means that in a demand led service there was a perceived need for a larger pool.

Mr Bruzon said that Government’s advertisement in November was therefore a reflection of this need and that it does not change the argument in the Opposition’s criticism. He said that if it was found necessary in November to advertise vacancies, hold interviews, select applicants and give them a five week programme for attending on a roster one home a week of the five homes to gain the required experience, then it must be because there was a need to do this then. And he said this was stopped after the first week because there was “no money to complete the exercise and this is what we have brought to the public attention because it demonstrates Government mismanagement.”

Commenting on the situation Charles Bruzon said:

It is quite obvious that the Government is so desperate to cover up the mess and so unwilling to acknowledge that they can get anything wrong, that they are now saying that the whole issue revolves on whether the pool of Supply Workers was being created as a result on the November decision, or additional workers were being created to add to an existing pool. If the explanation were a policy change to place extra Supply Care Workers on induction courses one at a time, this is what should have happened last November and what the people concerned should have been told.


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