Monday, February 14, 2005

Breed 77 on tour in Australia

Local band Breed 77 are on tour in Australia this week.

The band arrived on Friday at the start of their first ever Australian dates, which coincide with the release in the country of the album ‘Cultura’. Their new video too is receiving much airplay on OZ TV.

Breed 77 is on the road with The Butterfly Effect and will tour the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra. Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are also getting ready for the first live performances from the band in the country.

Drummer Peter Chichon told the Chronicle before heading off to Australia that this was a very important market as it opened the doors to Japan and Asia.

Our record label is Australian anyway so it is going to be a bit special for us as all the shows are sold out! he says.

In March the boys head for the States straight after OZ TV, to play at the prestigious festival in Texas called the South by South West. This is a festival where bands from all over the world play every year and Breed 77 will be representing the UK! The band then heads on to more shows and gigs in New York and LA.

Peter confirmed that their concerts in the UK were selling out.

It’s a very good feeling after seven years of struggling to get the recognition we rightly deserve for being one of the hardest working British bands since Iron Maiden,” he adds.

Their latest album Shadows spent one week in the UK singles chart at number 42.

It felt very good to chart again with our new single as it is very difficult for any Rock band to chart in the mainstream market, which is full of plastic fabricated pop which the major music corporations keep controlling on radio and the top 40. Shadows is a song from our first album which we revamped and turned into an acoustic but still rocking version,” he explains.

Meanwhile the deadline for their third album is October.

We are still in the very early stages of composing and demoing new songs but I can tell you it’s going to rock!

And for local fans Peter is hopeful that maybe this year the band will be able to perform in their own right on the Rock.


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