Friday, February 25, 2005

Bossano defends culture of “job for life”

Joe Bossano yesterday made an impassioned defence of the need to fight for and protect the culture of “the job for life,” and called on the Unions to persist in their defence of this concept “because it is good for their members.”

Mr Bossano said that job insecurity in Gibraltar was increasing and undermining the above. The MoD contractorisation, he continued, was not about the impact to the economy which he believed could absorb this, but how it would affect the people concerned and additionally, how jobs were being lost in one of the only two areas of employment locally – the other being the Gibraltar Government – where you could find guarantees of conditions and security of employment.

He said the MoD crisis was a “massive blow” in terms of an area where the Gibraltarian composition of the workforce (90%) was predominant.

He also described as astronomical the proportion of 5,000 private sector jobs in the economy, where the job for life does not exist and outsiders accounted for 60% of the jobs, in relation to the 9,000 in the public sector.

Mr Bossano added that the British Government was getting away with worse things in UK and it was becoming “increasingly difficult to distinguish Tory Policy from new Labour policy.”


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