Thursday, February 10, 2005

AquaGib workers demonstrate

Eighty AquaGib workers went out on strike yesterday marching through Main Street - from the Piazza to No 6 with placards and sounding horns after what they described as the “total unethical release to the public of our members’ salaries.”

The action is set to continue until Monday when they say they will review the situation. Lashing back at management the union published a statement making public the salaries of high management. The Managing Director earns £80,000 and the lowest paid earns over £65,000 said the union adding the comment that this is “a vast difference to the pay of our members.”

The union said it condemned the company for “threatening and using scare tactics against some of our members” who were supporting the action “despite harassment”.
The union which is claiming retrospection of pay differentials back to August 2002 whilst the company has only accepted to pay as from the end of January 2005.

The union nonetheless said that it is always willing to sit down with management and negotiate a satisfactory solution.

TWGU Branch Officer Charles Sisarello yesterday told the Chronicle that if on Monday there is no progress they will carry on the strike. He said they are awaiting a proposal.

The company have accepted in principle that the pay deferential had been eroded but where we disagree is on the effective date of implementation. We want it implemented from 2002 and the company is saying they are willing to implement it from 27 January. We are open to any proposal and we would discuss this with our members. We are always open to negotiation.

Mr Sisarello said that unless there was a proposal from Aquagib the strike action would continue throughout the weekend.

TWGU said Mr Sisarello would sit with Aquagib if any new proposals were put forward but what happens after that would very much depend on the strength of the proposals.

If there are any concrete proposals we will present it to our members.

Meanwhile the meeting on Monday is scheduled to be held at Transport House.


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