Friday, February 25, 2005

5,000 Signatures and counting in opposition to Funicular

The signature collection campaign conducted by the Joint Platform (ESG, Gibraltar Heritage Trust & GONHS) in opposition to the proposed Funicular project has so far been resoundingly successful, its organisers said yesterday.

They said that a very large majority of people approached so far have shown themselves to be against this potentially disastrous project, and well in excess of 5,000 signatures have been collected to the present.

“This clearly demonstrates the magnitude of opposition to the Funicular amongst Gibraltarians. Our campaign to demonstrate the very obvious overall public rejection of the Funicular will continue for as long as the project proposal remains on the table.

Since a large percentage of the population has not yet been approached and most housing estates have still to be visited, we are confident that our final result will comfortably exceed an overall electoral majority,” they said urging support.

Meanwhile their campaign around housing estates and around the town centre will continue.


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